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What is Minitab?


Minitab is a trendy statistical software designed to help in data analysis by providing a seamless and effective statistical data input method. This is in addition to its data manipulation capability that makes it easy to dissect the answers.

Minitab is perfectly suited for data research, Six Sigma professional as well as in business setups.  It provides users with a reliable solution for Six Sigma projects.  This command and menu-driven statistical analysis statistical software package has no shortage of uses. Here are a few reasons why you might consider using Minitab:

  • It offers both drop-down and syntax menu making it ideal for beginners and advanced users
  • Its ease of use among learners makes it a common tool in the introduction to statistics courses
  • Minitab offers support for experimental design and analysis
  • The user interface and output come in a wide range of languages including English, German, Chinese, and others.

Minitab can be acquired from the official Website or through an array of vendors with licenses ranging between 6 to12 months. Academic institutions to offer a Web-based version of the application although with limited capabilities.


  • Minitab is designed for learning

A creation of a team of professors, Minitab was intended to be a learning tool with an interactive and easy to use graphical interface. Its ease of use makes it the preferred choice for students and tutors. The graphical user interface features a well-organized menu. The StatGuide is designed to be the ultimate Minitab tutorial for students interacting with the Minitab statistical software for the first time. If you want to learn how to use Minitab, probability plot in Minitab, or even how to enter data in Minitab, the StatGuide is designed to do just that. It can also come in handy for a student looking for Minitab assignment help. The Minitab’s StatGuide will help you learn how to enter data in Minitab and ultimately helping to complete your data analysis assignment with ease.

  • Minitab is an affordable alternative

With the cost of tuition on an upward trajectory, an affordable and easy to use statistical software is guaranteed to appeal to both students and academic institutions. A copy of the Minitab statistical software can either be purchased or rented at just $29.99 by visiting

Even more appealing to academic institutions are the discounts offered to institutions through the Minitab university-wide annual enterprise license (AEL). Under this license, faculties and students enjoy unlimited access to Matlab on-campus ‘s labs and a personal copy for home use. Whether in the dorm or at home, students can enjoy unlimited access to Minitab statistics software and complete their Minitab assignment with ease. Always be sure to contact our experts whenever you need Minitab assignment help and Minitab homework help services.

  • Minitab is a comprehensive statistical software

For a statistical software of its price, Minitab does not compromise on its capabilities. There are no additional add-ons or modules to be purchased once you get your copy. Regardless of the Minitab assignment that you are likely to encounter, be it data analysis assignment, or any Minitab homework, such as probability distribution, t-test, probability plot in Minitab, and probability distribution, among others, Minitab has the tools to get it done. Click here for a list of Minitab capabilities.

  • A Boost in Employability

Minitab boosts of mass adoption in companies. Completing your Minitab training whether through online Minitab tutorials or in college gives you a competitive edge in the job market.

Exactly what is Minitab and What Makes Popular?

Minitab is a GUI driven statistical software designed to ease statistical data analysis and interpretation. Before its inceptions, the use of the statistical application to solve business-related issues was not the norm given the vast range of calculations required that more than often gave inaccurate results.

Minitab promised to be a game-changer, especially with its graphical user interface. Analyzing business-related data was not only made easier but also fun. In fact, mathematicians were no longer needed for the job.

Why choose Minitab over Excel?

Unlike Minitab, Excel is only ideal for basic calculations. This is in additions to being complex thus making interpretations hectic. The only good thing with Excel is its ease in entering data but not as easy as with Minitab.  Here is an example of how calculating mode in Excel and Minitab looks like:

  • When working with multi-modal data, excel gives the first mode while Minitab presents you will all the modes and frequencies.
  • To build a histogram in Excel, you are required to manually define the class interval. This is unlike in Minitab automatically calculate the class intervals.
  • Probability plot in Minitab is much simpler and fun unlike with excel.


Learn Statics Basics First

Before diving into Minitab tutorials or enrolling for Minitab training, you should consider acquiring basic statistics knowledge first. Such knowledge should include:

  • Descriptive statistics in order to handle large statistical calculations with just a single command
  • Graphical summary commands to help in the presentation of statistical calculations and graphs
  • Hypothesis tests for hypotheses calculations including T-test for mean, Poisson rate tests for defects, Variance tests for standard deviation, and proportion tests for percentage defectives.

Acquiring this knowledge coupled with the thrill of solving complex statistical problems gives you a strong background to learn advanced statistical software. It is common for businesses to enrol for Minitab training specifically for the much sought Six Sigma certification.  Checkout the SIX Sigma Certification course available on eCourse.

An Overview of Minitab Assignment help and Minitab Homework Help

Minitab is an invaluable tool in statistics both in class and in the business arena. It is common in data research and analysis. It features a vast array of statistical tools and gives simple to understand results. Despite its vast capabilities, Minitab uses minimum computer resources. Today, Minitab is a common tool in academic curriculum whereby students are required to solve multiple Minitab assignments and projects. If you are having a hard time with your Minitab assignment, then you might consider availing Minitab assignment help from online Minitab experts.

A brief overview of the Minitab Statistical Software

The ease use and flexibility are some of the key features that make Minitab standout with the only drawback being its lack of compatibility with other statistical software. The software is designed to produce images for large quantities of data in the form of bar graphs, pie charts, and histograms among many more. It is worth noting that instead of the traditional bar charts, Minitab employs Minitab line charts. Moving between multiple worksheets and graphs is made possible by the property manager toolbar.

As mentioned above, Minitab comes with six sigma application which is a crucial information pushed technique that is commonly used in casting off defects in systems. This is an essential tool in making graphs, run charts, Pareto charts as well as histograms.

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Our Minitab assignment help services are designed to aid students struggling with analysis including cluster analysis, regression analysis, analysis of variance, and measurement system analysis.

Our team is made up of seasoned Minitab tutors versed in all statistical concepts. Minitab assignment can be extremely tricky especially where the student is not sure of the statistical concepts to apply.  Strong command on data is equally important.

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How to score top Marks in a Minitab Assignment

A Minitab assignment might be designed to explore an array of facts and information on Minitab. Such an assignment might aim at gauging a learner’s knowledge of its tools, functionalities and usage. Practical skills in its usage are important. To successfully complete your Minitab assignment, you should consider getting versed in its practical usage. Use all available resources including online Minitab tutorials and Minitab training.

In most cases, assignments involve a great deal of writing and research. The applies to Minitab assignments. Like with any assignment, your Minitab homework help starts with deciding on a topic. Fortunately, this is mainly done by the Minitab course instructors.  Besides, a topic is always the first step towards writing an assignment. To guarantee the best Minitab statistics assignment help services, our expert Minitab homework writers ensure that the content of the papers is authentic and backed by statistical evidence.

Any Minitab assignment help must be aimed at delivering new information on the assigned subject to boost the student’s understanding.  Unfortunately, writing a Minitab assignment is not an easy undertaking. As such, it is advisable to leverage online Minitab assignment help services.

At Statistics Assignments Help, our Minitab homework help experts boost of an in-depth understanding of Minitab and therefore able to seamlessly complete your assignment.

Real-Life Applications of Minitab

As mentioned earlier, Minitab was originally designed for teaching purposes. Over the years, it has claimed a top stop as a trendy statistical software renowned for its smooth and interactive design. Minitab statistical software is extremely powerful for data research and analysis.

Minitab’s data analytical capability is made possible by the crucial six sigma feature. Our Minitab assignment help experts are available for students in the UK, US, and Australia.

The Role of Minitab in Statistics

Minitab’s capabilities stretch beyond just six sigma tasks. Instead, it is preferred for its ability to create clean and interactive graphs.  With our Minitab homework help services, students are no longer required to grasp every feature of this software to create histograms, run charts, Pareto charts, and even simple histograms.  However, if you decide to complete your Minitab without availing our Minitab assignment help services, you will need a thorough understanding of the Minitab basics.

While Minitab may appear like a basic statistical software, structuring data into columns bombards students with an array of formats that they are should examine by employing various approaches. While the excel has a vast array of macros to aid in data analysis, Minitab offers easier and flexible alternatives. But whenever you need Minitab assignment help and Minitab homework help services, you can always get in touch with us.

Today, Minitab training has revolutionized how students learn data research and analysis by eliminating tedious hurdles making it a valuable tool in the field of statistics. For close to five decades, Minitab has curved a name for itself with more people than ever before looking for Minitab training, Minitab tutorials, and Minitab help. Among the benefits of Minitab training include:

  • Minitab’s training help students to understand mass information without feeling overwhelmed
  • It makes it easy to study real data sets while at the same time enhancing a learner’s ability to transfer what they learnt on books to real applications.
  • Plotting data using several techniques is quite common when using Minitab thus making work much easier
  • Learners can make use of simulation for Minitab training.

With Minitab assignment help, regardless of the nature of your Minitab class project, our team of experts can handle it with ease. We understand that the sheer complexity of calculation that goes into completing a Minitab homework can leave you frustrated. This is why our Minitab homework help services are available round the clock.

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How Our Minitab Assignment Help Services Aid Students

At Statistics Assignments Help, we pride ourselves with a team of highly experienced Minitab homework help experts eager to help students. Our team is extremely efficient featuring Minitab tutors with vast experience in tackling all manner of Minitab assignments.  So how does our Minitab homework help service benefit the student?

  • Improved understanding of concepts

Understanding every concept, theory and formula to complete a data analysis assignment is not an easy undertaking. In fact, most students have a hard time understanding complex Minitab concepts and thus end up seeking online Minitab assignment help services to boost their knowledge and experience. Our team of Minitab homework help experts ensure that the assignments are crafted in a manner that makes it easy for students to grasp how the concepts were handled.

  • Learn detailed application

Minitab is a crucial tool in data mining and statistical applications. At school, students employ its features to complete linear regression, data analysis, and measurement system analysis cluster assignments. However, to perfectly utilize Minitab for these purposes, most students lean towards Minitab assignment help services.

At Statistics Assignments Help, our Minitab homework help services are available round the clock with our team ready to offer assistance in a vast range of topics.

  • Step-by-step approach

As already mentioned, our teams work round the clock, providing top quality statistics assignments help and Minitab homework help services to students in need. Whether it is gathering and analyzing data, our Minitab assignment help team is always eager to help.

In addition to completing your paper, our team of Minitab assignment writers guarantees plagiarism-free, and perfectly crafted academic papers.

Can Our Minitab Homework Writers Really Help You With Minitab Assignment?

At Statistics Assignments Help, we know that each Minitab assignment has unique requirements and thus demands a unique approach. Such demands coupled with time constraints as well as limited data can leave you unable to complete your Minitab assignment in time.

However, with our Minitab assignment help experts, you never have to worry about missing your deadline or even the quality of your Minitab assignment. Our team is extremely efficient with every Minitab assignment writer working diligently to meet your professor’s demands. To guarantee top quality Minitab homework papers, the following steps are followed with strict adherence:

  • Strictly follow requirements

Our Minitab assignment writers boast of years of experience in booth assignment writing and tutoring. This, therefore, guarantees their ability to dissect all the requirements in a manner that ensure a perfectly done Minitab assignment paper. If you are still wondering ‘can anyone solve my Minitab assignment’ then you are in the right place.

  • Proper citation and referencing

Over the years, we have received all manner of queries with the most common being “can you write my Minitab assignment”. Our team of Minitab writers understands the importance of incorporating original ideas in an academic paper. As such, every paper is skillfully formatted and referenced in conformity with the lecturer’s requirements.

  • Proper formatting

Once the paper is carefully crafted, our Minitab assignment help writers then embark on formatting the papers as per the provided requirements. This further explains why students no longer have to struggle with the question ‘can someone do my Minitab assignment?’.

  • Editing and Proofreading

At Statistics Assignments Help, our team of editors will ensure that your paper is error-free. This team is assigned an important role in ensuring that your Minitab assignment is free of unintentional errors thanks to their deep knowledge and expertise in this field.  This is how we guarantee top-notch Minitab assignment help services for our clients.

What is covered in our Minitab Assignment Help?

Our Minitab homework help services feature a comprehensive range of services to aid students in their academics. From Minitab tutoring to professional editing, our Minitab homework help features a vast range of services. We do this by leveraging the vast knowledge that our team of writers possess. Among the areas covered by our Minitab assignment help writers include:

  • Regression analysis assignment help

Trust our Minitab experts to handle your regression analysis assignment with ease. Whether it’s specifying a model, results in interpretation, or even making a prediction, our regression analysis assignment help experts is here to do just that. Get in touch with our Minitab homework help team for urgent regression analysis assignment help.

  • Sign text assignment help

Completing your sign test assignment in Minitab just got easier thanks to our sign text assignment help services. Our Minitab assignment help team will guide you step by step helping you to build the desired confidence to handle sign text assignments on your own. This explains why more students find our Minitab homework help services extremely beneficial.

  • Cross tabulation assignment help

These assignments usually involve categorization of summarized observations. Students may be required to write papers on improving the quality of customer service. Where help is needed, our Minitab assignment help team is always ready to offer the necessary guidance.

  • Linear model assignment help

Where multiple groups differ in linear models, our team is always eager to help. Whether it is with random factors, nested factors, covariates, or mixed factors, our Minitab homework help team will help you do just that.

  • Split plot assignment help

If you are struggling with your split-plot assignment, our Minitab assignment help writers will get it done for you. In addition to helping you build hands-on skills in Minitab, part of our Minitab homework help services includes split-plot assignment help services.

Affordable Minitab Homework Help

Cost is the first consideration for students looking for professional Minitab assignment help services. With overwhelming tuition fee and college loans, the last thing that a student wants is an expensive Minitab homework help service. As a reputable assignment help service provider, Statistics Assignments Help understands the need for affordable Minitab Homework help services.

  • Professional services at affordable rates

Our rates are regularly revised to suit our vast customer base. In fact, students have a chance to negotiate their rates with discounts guaranteed. Our low-rates do not compromise on the quality of the assignment paper.  We hire only the best with years of experience in Minitab and with remarkable academic qualifications.  As such, we guarantee top-notch services at reasonable rates.

  • Negotiable and discounted rates

Students can enjoy our negotiable and highly discounted Minitab homework help rates. Should you decide to avail our services, you are free to approach our support team to negotiate the rates or even request for a discount even on your first order. Regular students benefit from our lucrative offers and discounts.

What Does Statistics Assignments Help Guarantee on Online Minitab Assignment Help?

Privacy is a priority and a guarantee to every student that comes to us for Minitab homework help services. Our Minitab assignment help services guarantee the following benefits:

  • Timely delivery

Our Minitab assignment writers take the set deadlines seriously and work around the clock to deliver well before the deadline.  Our writers’ proficiency means that they can easily handle your papers within the shortest time possible. Even when working under pressure, our students are guaranteed timely delivery with enough time for them to review the assignment.

  • Plagiarism-free content

Although your paper is always ready on time, quality is never compromised. By availing Minitab assignment help from our team, the plagiarism-free assignment is guaranteed upon placing your order.

  • High-quality Papers

Every paper is subjected to a thorough quality check before getting to the student. Our quality assurance team guarantees top quality content yet at extremely affordable rates. Every question is cross-checked to meet the set requirements and to guarantee top grades.

  • Unlimited Revisions

We value every client and building lasting bonds with each of one of them. As such, we guarantee unlimited revision to ensure that every Minitab assignment paper is property curated. Students can request for revision should they find the paper not satisfactory. Our team of Minitab homework help writers will gladly correct the paper to your specifications.

  • 24/7 Support

To provide reliable Minitab assignment help, our team on customer support is available round the clock to assist students struggling with Minitab homework. Our team is available on our live chat, email, and all social media platforms.


What Makes us the best online Minitab Assignment Help Provider?

At Statistics Assignments Help, our Minitab professionals have vast experience and advanced academic experience in everything Minitab. Our aim is to assist students with Minitab homework solutions in a timely manner. Here, you can find all statistics assignment help solutions in one place.

  • Our online Minitab assignment help experts adhere to the requirements and strive to ensure that every solution and argument is properly used.
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Benefits of Minitab Statistical Software

Minitab statistical software is without a doubt a technological flagship offering a comprehensive yet user-friendly set of tools designed to help with smarter and detailed data analysis. While Minitab is a common tool in the business sphere, it is widely used in colleges and universities as an essential tool in teaching statistics and data analysis.

This statistical application features an Assistant feature designed to ease data analysis and interpretation of results. Its advanced features make simplify workflow while improving quality. With the inclusion of Project Roadmaps, rolling out, sharing, and replicating projects is equally simplified. This is in addition to the Instant Insights displayed on its dashboard designed to help monitor all statistics in real-time.

The Minitab Quality Trainer is designed to aid in further analysis. Without a doubt, Minitab is a cost-effective tool for statistical study. This is further complemented by the Companion, a tool designed to ease data presentation.


MS Excel Verses Minitab Statistical Software

MS Excel is ideal in summarizing and data analysis while at the same time assist in sorting. However, when dealing with statistical data and mathematical functions, visualization especially with predetermined statistical context, Minitab is the best way out. The only thing to do before using Minitab is to clean the raw data and with a couple of clicks you get yourself an extremely clean chart.  Try creating a Pareto Chart on MS Excel and see how it goes!

When working with a torrent of worksheets and a swarm of charts, your Excel is likely to get cluttered. Minitab’s Project Manager is designed to ease toggling between worksheets, charts, and results. Compared to Minitab Excel is quite basic statistical tool. Minitab on the other hand is extremely flexible and features an array of applications for hypothesis testing and statistical visualization among others.

Anyone can use MS Excel to understand and perform basic data analysis. Minitab, on the other hand, is a powerful statistical software designed for use by statisticians.

When open, Minitab presents you with three windows:

  • Session Window: This is the top window where users can view the output of a request analysis
  • Worksheet Window: This window, located at the bottom, allows users to copy/pate data into the worksheet.
  • Graphics Window: This window is coming up upon request for instant when plotting a scatterplot, or Histograms.


Looking for A Minitab Tutor Near Me

Statisticians who rely on statistical software for educational or professional purposes have plenty of options to choose from. Regardless of the software that you go for, it is always ideal that you familiarize yourself with it before running it. If you settle for Minitab, your need a Minitab tutor to help you find your way around the application accurately and fast. Working with a Minitab tutor has a plethora of advantages such as:

  • Speed: An online Minitab tutor is the fastest way for you to learn Minitab
  • Accuracy: A reputable Minitab tutor will boost your confidence in using Minitab the right way. The last thing you want is a Minitab tutor who will misguide you.
  • Best practices: Your online Minitab tutor should help you learn all the possible ways to solve various tasks and how to identify ideal approaches to different situations thus eliminating trial and error.
  • Efficiency: Online Minitab tutoring is efficient and you can spend as much time as you can learning different concepts. In fact, this is easiest way for you to quickly learn Minitab.

If you have been running queries such as “Minitab tutoring near me,” the you are familiar with some of the benefits mentioned above. You can choose to learn Minitab through a hands-on approach. However, to eliminate the likelihood of error, a Minitab tutorial should come in handy. Alternatively, a Minitab tutor will guide you by providing step-by-step tutorials as well as sample projects to boost your skills and understanding.

If you are struggling with your Minitab assignment be it a z-test, t-test, Poisson rate test, or even an ANOVA analysis, our Minitab assignment help and online Minitab tutors are here to help you. Contact Statistics Assignments Help today to place your order.